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Medical⁄Dental Reception

Medical / Dental ReceptionThe one-year UAF Community and Technical College medical/dental receptionist certificate program trains students for entry level employment as a receptionist in medical and dental offices and outpatient settings.

Program Overview

Receptionists perform many of the administrative duties associated with a doctor's office, surgical clinic, dental office, or hospital. They are responsible for answering the telephone, filing medical records, completing insurance forms, billing and bookkeeping. However, greeting patients and other visitors is their most important responsibility, since it is often by this first impression that new patients make judgments of the organization. Medical/Dental receptionists, like most workers involved with the health care industry, can look forward to strong job growth in coming years.

Students receive education and training on the basics in health care, medical terminology, administrative procedures, medical law & ethics, computer applications, and complete a medical/dental receptionist practicum. Prerequisites for the program include a high school diploma or GED and general placement test.

Career Opportunities

Medical/dental receptionists work in hospitals, private medical practices, dental offices and clinics. They have a general understanding of the health care delivery system making them highly employable. With a medical receptionist certification, you might secure employment as a medical/dental receptionist, medical secretary or medical billing clerk.

Contact Information:

Joyce Soetaert
Allied Health Programs Admin Assistant
Phone: (907) 455-2805
Room 430, 604 Barnette St.

Stacey Cortez
Allied Health Programs Admin Assistant
Phone: (907) 455-2823
Room 403A, 604 Barnette St.

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