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UAF Community and Technical College STRATEGIC PLAN (2010-2015)

Core Purpose
Community Driven Education

Core Values
Student-Centered, Excellence & Innovation, Empowerment, Flexibility, Collaboration, Integrity

Long-Term Goal (2015)
UAF Community and Technical College is Alaska’s 1st choice for career and technical education, academic preparation, and lifelong learning.

Vivid description for long-term goal:

Being “1st Choice means that we offer cutting-edge products and services that are of the highest quality, and the greatest relevance to our community of stakeholders.
UAF Community and Technical College is part of UAF’s and Alaska’s economic engine – we add value by preparing Alaskans for the workforce, educating and training Alaskans for Alaskan jobs. UAF Community and Technical College is uniquely poised to help students who want to pursue higher education, and who need help acquiring the requisite skills to succeed.
Each program within UAF Community and Technical College must be a thriving center of excellence for this to happen, meaning they are market- and data-driven, sustainable, and have adequate human resources, administrative support and materials.

Short-Term Goals (2010-2013)

Strategic Direction #1 – Internal Capacity: Continue development of an internal culture that encourages, values, and supports partnerships between and among UAF Community and Technical College programs that improve services for students.

Implement UAF Community and Technical College’s Enrollment Management Plan
Develop and implement a comprehensive Transportation Plan
Assess the need for coordinated course scheduling of UAF Community and Technical College/UAF classes
Conduct a child care needs-analysis for students, staff and faculty
Continue development of a virtual campus throughout our facilities highlighting student services

Strategic Direction #2 – Relationships: Develop external partnerships that are solidly rooted in the Core Purpose, and add value to UAF Community and Technical College and the community.

Solidify the mutually beneficial partnership between CRCD and the new UAF Community and Technical College
Strengthen engagement between UAF Community and Technical College’s Community Advisory Council and program advisory committees
Develop and implement the new UAF Community and Technical College branding campaign
Strengthen services to military members, spouses and families

Strategic Direction #3 – Resources: Strategically diversify and expand UAF Community and Technical College’s human and financial resources to meet community learning needs.

Continue to diversify funding sources, both internal and external to the University
Continue advocacy efforts to secure funding is in line with the UAF Community and Technical College Facilities Master Plan
Identify, assess and evaluate faculty and staff hires in response to program needs
Increase the number of tenure and tenure-track faculty
Strengthen relationships with current and potential donors
Full-time Tech Prep position on staff
Full-time UAF Community and Technical College-dedicated Student Advisor on staff
UAF Community and Technical College-resident Development Officer and comprehensive Development Plan

Strategic Direction #4 – Programs: Offer a dynamic mix of programs and services to effectively meet community and employer needs, based on market demand and solid, timely, data.

Increase dual-credit offerings to high schools
Market and strengthen the online Associate of Arts degree
Increase the number of online course offerings

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